ISU for Sustainability

Embracing SDGs towards Quality Education and Academic Experience in the Countryside


Isabela State University as a Delivering Higher Education Institution and leading state university in North-eastern Philippines views the challenges of the 21st Century, alongside the inevitable changes in the course of time, as positive determiners of development.

ISU is provided with the means to turn obstacles to promising opportunities toward expanding better academic services and education experience especially with the constituents within its scope of service.

It is with this profound realization that ISU take its best efforts to lean towards the world’s priority areas of operation by the United Nations. As an institution that belongs to a sovereign state that recognizes its values, ISU embraces the Sustainability Development Goals in order to harness an operational blueprint that would beef-up its institutional capacity in contributing to the national framework of development with accuracy and consistency.

Given the nature of socio-cultural advancement, alongside the breakthroughs in science and technology, ISU recognizes that only through the value-orientation of the SDGs, will it able to appreciate and value more the process of development- making sustainability a more defined and more feasible concept in the thriving of people, cultures, and communities. Indeed, a more sustainable and livable world for all.

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