ISU for Sustainability

Embracing SDGs towards Quality Education and Academic Experience in the Countryside

2022 – Reports | SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

Public Access to Libraries

As envisioned to be the leading research university in the ASEAN Region, Isabela State University has been providing library instruction, excellent library services, and extensions that meet institutional and instructional requirements as well as the individual needs of students, not only in compliance with the maximum standards but even beyond.

The Isabela State University Cauayan Campus is committed to extending its services and to generously sharing the reading materials to those who are in need for reading, research, thesis, and dissertation of students within its neighboring private schools as well as other state universities in the region.

Public Access to Museums

Isabela State University – Echague, the University Library stands as a proud guardian of the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage. With an unwavering commitment to preserving the diverse cultural tapestry of the Filipino people, the University Library has undertaken a remarkable journey to enrich its cultural heritage collection. 

The library does not merely house books but weaves an intricate narrative of the nation’s soul. The shelves are adorned with volumes narrating the tales of indigenous tribes, the vibrancy of festivals, and the echoes of songs from past generations. It is a sanctuary for the curious minds who seek to explore and embrace the traditions that bind the nation. 

Ascending to the library’s second floor, a treasure trove of another kind awaits visitors – the Mini Museum of Natural History and Archeology. It is a time machine that propels curious minds into the annals of history. Among the relics displayed with artistic finesse are antique “banga” jars, rustic spoons and forks, traditional irons, and currencies from a bygone era. This collection of artifacts, initiated in 2020, forms the building blocks of a growing mini-museum. With each passing year, the library is etching a richer narrative of the nation’s past, one artifact at a time. 

Arts and Heritage Contribution

Isabela State University-Echague in its love to contribute to local arts, regularly sends its ISUE chorale and ISU Sinag Liyaw Dance Troupe to perform in the annual Municipality of Echague Mengal Festival, a month-long celebration of Echague’s Culture, History, Cuisine and hospitality.

Pedestrian Priority on Campus

Isabela State University is dedicated to the ultimate safety of the students and employees while entering and or being inside the campuses.

Pedestrian crossings in front of all Isabela State University campuses are provided to give a safe path for the students and employees.

ISU-Roxas included the construction of a wheelchair ramp at the Provincial Institute of Fisheries Building and Administration Building old site for everyone for easier mobility and avoiding accidents.

Free Transport Bikes

By eliminating transportation costs as a barrier to education, the free transport bikes for ISU students seek to lessen the effects of poverty. Students can readily access transportation by using the transport bikes, which are available for use at designated bike stations close to the main gate of the campus, colleges, and student residences. The university community’s mobility and accessibility should be improved by the transportation bikes, which will also lessen the carbon imprint left by using traditional forms of transportation.