ISU for Sustainability

Embracing SDGs towards Quality Education and Academic Experience in the Countryside

SDG 1 – No Poverty

As an academic institution, ISU profoundly understands the pivotal role of education in defining the lives of every determined individual as they make their ways in their respective communities. ISU believes in the promising opportunity of education in empowering people against their respective predicaments. Hence, investing in people and young minds produces rippling effects for community empowerment, thereby reducing intergenerational poverty incidences.

University Anti-Poverty Programs

To ensure that our students are relieved of the conditions that prevent them from accessing education, ISU puts in place academic measures that answer the poverty experience and maximize their capacity to rise beyond such hurdles.

Community Anti-Poverty Programs

Aside from academic support mechanisms for its learners, ISU also leads community efforts on relieving poverty incidents. The University sees to the process of knowledge transfer and technologies from generated research and extension undertakings to harness the gamut of community resources and mobilize people among rural sectors to become economically aware and stable.