SDG 13 – Climate Action

The emergence of climate change impact is long gone. It is already presenting itself as an immediate threat to the thriving of communities and to the attainment of all SDGs. Isabela State University as an environment-driven institution recognizes the reality of this phenomenon and gravitates toward the creation of climate-centered initiatives. ISU through its research and development department continues to foster new knowledge and innovations that promote climate awareness among communities, thereby mitigating the harmful impacts of climate change.

Low Carbon Use

Researches at ISU are translated to innovations that provide alternative means for energy resources. This practice allows ISU in the future to become less dependent on legacy energy distributors with carbon emissions as energy output.

Environmental Education Measures

The University also integrates in its academic thrust a climate-driven instructional approach that seeks to capacitate learners for an increased awareness and appreciation on mitigating harmful effects of climate change, adaptation, as well as disaster risk management.

Commitment to Carbon Neutral University

Isabela State University is fortifying its contributions in strong adherence to the national policy framework on climate change efforts. The University is looking to the strategic merging of existing climate action targets together with the best practices in the country’s academic network toward becoming a carbon neutral institution.