ISU for Sustainability

Embracing SDGs towards Quality Education and Academic Experience in the Countryside

SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Isabela State University emerged as a proactive contributor to countryside development from its efforts and engagements with partner institutions, private sectors, and the government. The University recognizes the importance of safe, peaceful, and secured communities as indicators of sustainable nation-building. Hence, such partnerships ushered institutional efforts in raising formidable social institutions as gateways for people empowerment and sectoral development. As an institution itself, ISU fosters a comprehensive and sustainable organizational framework that ensures the stability of its services and operations.

University Governance Measures

As a mature institution that aims to impact similar value orientation to its stakeholders, ISU observes strong institutional frameworks that foster the efficacy of the organization. The ISU Board of Regents, the highest policy-making body of the institution, recognizes the representatives from every sector of ISU’s community the faculty, students, and staff. The institution also recognizes the importance of various unions that foster efficient dialogue with the management and resolving any unwanted circumstances, thereby intensifying the harmonious operations of ISU as a strong and reliable institution.

Working with Government

In engaging external communities, ISU has set strong collaboration with various local government units and line agencies. In most cases, the University acts as a link from the academe in the generation of necessary science-based constructs that would be used for policy and decision making. In addition, the University supplements the government efforts on its priority areas of operations by fronting adjacent institutional initiatives.