ISU for Sustainability

Embracing SDGs towards Quality Education and Academic Experience in the Countryside

SDG 15 – Life on Land

With the operational mantra “University for Nature” Isabela State University is a proactive contributor in sustaining and protecting the overall landscape of the land-based ecosystem. ISU values the delicate balance of nature in the intergenerational thriving of human societies. In doing so, the University integrates environment-driven instructional approach that encourages learners to be active stewards in environment efforts. As an institution, the University takes into account sustainable management of its environmental resources by managing its natural forests, landscapes, and the life within.

Supporting land ecosystems through Education

Education is one of the sustainable means to inculcate the foundations for environmental awareness. Hence, Isabela State University has been utilizing its academic arm to come up with the means to strengthen its instructional approaches that provide greater appreciation and value-orientation to the sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity and its conservation.

Supporting Land Ecosystems through Action

Academic experience at ISU allows the holistic integration of various fundamental civic responsibilities which include increasing the frequency of environmental engagements among students. The environmental efforts also extend to the management of the ecological biodiversity enclosed within the premises of the institution. Sat at the foot of the Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the country, ISU conducts initiatives to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Land Sensitive Waste Disposal

Within the grounds of the institution itself, the University ensures that there are measures in the sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity and the resources it offers. With strong adherence to the national policy frameworks, the University partners with line agencies in the exercise of best practices in maintaining ecosystems in the drylands.