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ISU’s ODeSSEE Project

Isabela State University (ISU) implements the “Optimization of Decision Support E-System for Preemptive Evacuation,” or Project ODeSSEE. With the information and profiling features of HealthGuard PH, relevant historical flood data from the Cagayan Valley Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CVDRRMO), and the Region 02 CoViD-19 Zoning Map by the Office of Civil Defense-Region 02 (OCD-R02), ODeSSEE simulates safe/unsafe mapping to find alternative evacuation areas for flood disasters in the middle of the CoViD-19 situation to stop the spread of the virus.

The University, the City Government of Cauayan, and DOST have agreed to cooperate and support the development and implementation of ODeSSEE, which aims to develop a decision-support system on preemptive-on-preemptive evacuation for flood disasters, integrating COVID-19 zoning in the Cagayan Valley. Parties have agreed to cooperate and support the development and implementation of a project that is aligned with the Smarter City Project of Cauayan City in Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM), focusing on generating a data-driven decision support system for the community.

ISU’s Cagayan Valley Cacao Development Center

The Cagayan Valley Cacao Development Center is dedicated to continuously undertake research and development to generate cacao technologies considering related problems in cacao production, processing, and utilization. The center has established a partnership with the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD), a government agency under the Department of Science and Technology for the implementation of the project entitled “Waste to Wealth”: Value-adding approaches to transport cacao pod husk towards economic development. The goal of the partnership is to figure out how cacao pod husk can be used to make food and organic compost.